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about the recital of Montparnasse XX

Freie Presse Chemnitz
The young singer might be a descendant of Montparnasse. She lives in the poetry of Verlaine, Valery, Eluard, Rimbaud and Mallarmé. then as she recited those texts in the original language...the words had been to music ... Well wroten by mrs Suty, with khowledge and poetry, the accompanying text had attuned to the fine program. From such experience and knowledge had to be born a convincing interpretation, whether with the "Vocalise en forme de Habanera" or the popular Greek melodies of Maurice Ravel, the  cabaretistical "Deux stelles orientées" by Jacques Ibert or to Darius Milhaud's expressive cantata "Adieu" . behind this stood an expressive voice and musically temperament, but also great sensitivity.
Werner Kaden


about her recording:  “Elegie for the jewish villages”

Neue Musikzeitung
In each tone you can feel the seriousness and tenderness with which Valérie Suty and Vladimir Stoupel are giving a voice to the forgotten one vote.
M. Herschel
Valérie Suty not only sings this song (Elegy by Simon Laks) with warm timbre, clearly coming from the mezzo-soprano. Especially in the elegiac and lyrical compositions such as in Ravel's "Kaddish" or Laks "Our Rebeniu" she success in expressive Piani and wide arches.

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Soprano Valérie Suty sings with penetrating purity and intense focus