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Katja Kabanowa

From the first silent appearance, Valérie Sutys Katja dominated the scene, a disturbed sufferer ... that  destroyes herself. Her expressive soprano disposed as well of a  dramatic expression as of lyrical one.

Das Opernnetz  10.03.2012
In the title role plays and sings Valerie Suty brilliantly, with sensitivity and tremendous dedication with tangible intensity of her game, she sets the inner conflict of Katja, with a forcefully clear-cut soprano .
Myriam Rosenbohm

Kreiszeitung Oldenburg 13.03.2012
Valérie Suty characterized complex the character of Katya, between youthful enthusiasm, spinning mill, religious mania and real oppression. Here disposes the highly dramatic soprano of an abundance of erupting expressions.
Ute Schalz-Laurenze