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Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk

Das Opernnetz
Valérie Suty is the ideal Cast of this psychopathic role. Gifted with a highly dramatic soprano, who illuminates all facets of this role, and a breathless uncompromising game that already has called "Seelenprostituition", she  gives the sexually frustrated and gent for love Katerina, with whom you can't help feel some empathy  in spite of her double.
Andreas H. Hölscher

Leipziger Volkszeitung/ Ostthüringer Zeitung
Dimitri Shostakovich's Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District was witness on Friday of a spectacular premiere in Gera. Because the expressiveness and musical quality of this evening are incredibly ...
Valérie Suty in the title role ... expressive, sensitive and powerful she plays this role of exception of a simple merchant's wife who, in a mixture of boredom, humiliation and greed for affection becomes a double-murderer.
T. Böhme-Mehner

Opernwelt 5/21013
The stage is empty and mostly dark. A few citations suffice: a window, a staircase. You immediately know where you are. Valérie Suty sings Heartbreaking , Katerina Ismailova, a woman looking for the same love happiness, the others are granted, in her province Hell.
Udo Badelt

Opernglas 5/2013
In the wonderful sensitive Staging by Kay Kuntze, general manager of the Theatre Altenburg-Gera, emerged an impressive character portrayal of the title character, with a powerful voice interpreted by Valérie Suty who mastered this difficult role, until the last moment, immaculate powerful

Thüringische Landeszeitung
Alone, as Valérie Suty, in the title role, wins of the declamatory lines a wealth of melodic, mixing it, if necessary, with also very edge sharpness , makes this production to an event. - Chapeau.
W. Hirsch