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Die Rhein-Zeitung Koblenz :
Valérie Suty celebrated a brilliant debut as Salome.
A dramatic soprano with great potential
"eine kleine Strauss-Sensation in Gießen"

Der Neue Merker Vienna
It is almost not to believe, that the young French woman with this sophisticated interpretation just gives her role debut, so sovereign she has sucked the role and musically she leaves nothing to be desired, with a stupendous wealth of nuance and color, she knows how to divide the murderous role in a wise way, so that she has sufficient reserves remain for the brilliant interpretation of the final monologue .... in such vividness and clarity has Salome's veil dance probably never been shown and the young role debutante Valerie Suty and Vojtech Halicki-Alicca (​​Herod) play this repulsive, and at the same time from exiting erotic crackling action to excess.
Dirk Altenaer

Recklinghauser Zeitung
Schulin has tailored its subtle scaled introspection on the sensational performer of Salome. Stunning, with what ardent emphasis and with what an impressive impact Valérie Suty fills her role in every fiber.

Neue Passauer Presse this  cool artlight world söckelt Salome (Valérie Suty) in,  like a glittering debris, flutters eyelashes and bangles and demands nothing less than total attention. Paris Hilton had inspired his Salome, Ultz had said in advance - but Suty draws her character as so spoiled bitch that Miss Hilton could probably still learn something of it. Sutys wonderful guided dramatic soprano outshone that night... Almost even more impress, however, the singer through her ​​dramatic force: What radiates her Salome, goes far beyond the pomposity of party girls. It may seem as life - but the excessive greed that it carries within itself, brings death.
A. Burkert