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Sieglinde ("die Walküre")

Online Musik Magazin: 26.02.2011
Valerie Suty gave with womanly-full, rich, very concentrated sound, but also with harsh, metallic overtones ... in the best French tradition, a very intense, deep Sieglinde.
Thomas Tillmann

NWZ: 28.05.2011
... Terrific vocal steel, differentiated expression and shine. The same is true of the Wälsungenpaar Sieglinde and Siegmund-Valérie Suty and Christian Voigt, both of eminent, passionate, touching devotional presence.
Werner Matthes 

Nordsee Zeitung 
Valérie Suty and Christian Voigt are the trump card of the performance!
With Valérie Suty and Christian Voigt was a strong Wälsungenpaar available. Suty could with her slender soprano, the inwarded, intimate sounds as well as a jubilant, radiant height  at her command, outright inspire.